Hi guys,

It’s almost 2 years I didn’t write anything here, and that also means this is my first post in 2014 & 2015.

Okay, Let’s get started.

Last 2 weeks, October, 11, 2015.

My friends and I went to FAB Nation : Pam Annual Architecture Student Work Exhibition. This is my first time I went to Architecture Exhibition after I’m done with my diploma. The Exhibition was held in One Utama Shopping Mall. We arrived at 1.30 p.m at the Central Court ( If I’m not mistaken) . My eyes first caught on FabriCave by Tunku Abdul Rahman University College ( TARC ). It was made by Corrugated Cardboards, and it can fit up to 5 people, the installation was very perfect. I went inside and all the presentation board were pin up nicely at the wall of the cave. It also has some sound effect of crickets. We couldn’t stay longer as too many people were waiting for us to get in. I took some pictures of their presentation and the Fabricave Design.

FabriCave Design. Photo by @hannamichu
FabriCave Design. Photo by @hannamichu

Actually there were a lot have caught my eyes, i couldn’t write everything here. The second that has surprise me that was from USM, i really adored their detailing and the way they designed their presentation board. Let’s make it fast, UiTM Seri Iskandar also participate, i really love their model, it looks so nice, if only they were sell their model, i would buy it.


UiTM Seri Iskandar

We were supposed to wait for the arrival of the architect. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri  Ar. Haji Esa Mohamed, but we had something urgent to be done, so we went back 2.30p.m.  Although we don’t see the architect but all those were inspires us to be better on drawing.   I can’t wait to join it next year.  Sorry for all those grammatical errors, i didn’t write almost 2 years. OMG !! hahaa.

Till then  😅


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