‘The Backpacker’

Hi Blog.. I’m back. Guess it’s been a very long time.The last few months were quite busy time for me since I had to finish my final exam, final project, and struggled to find the id-firm for my internship’s years.. and I have been completed my second years! the result alhamdulillahh.. ahah! Now, I’m currently doing my internship years lah!!

Okay.. enough for my mukadimah!  :D So, back to the topic! ‘The Backpacker’ okay.. lets start! ;)

Recently I have been inundated with the same question that has randomly popped up, what is in my backpack? since they saw it so heavy.. haha…

Actually i love bringing my backpack along with me wherever i go.. it easier for me to put everything inside, so, that time i’m randomly turned doreamon! but sometimes i won’t bring it if i went to simple place, party or event that need me not to do much things.. if needed me to bring it, too much stuff,I would put it in my pec and bring my handbag.. So what’s in my bag? I want to show you how much stuff can fit in it, this things when im off to studio and office!


Lets start, from the right side,  my 2 ex.hardisk, toshiba and acer, then my 2 phone, my mp4 my lisptick, my mini2 colgate stuff, then my laptop, my car’s key, my 2 pendrive, my optical mouse , hmm my wallet, my spec, my travel diary.. the mini bazuka contain all my drawings and the grey file also the same..   ;)

Till thenn!!


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