Miss Aznieda

Hi WordPress.

Wow.. Its has been so long, i want to got myself into wordpress, and finally Done, ↖(^▽^)↗, I’m starting my new blog here and no longer using the blogspot since i heard so much fun using wordpress, haha, owh.. Thanks for dropping by my site.. just a simple site.. 😀

I’m known as Aznieda Radzi although everyone will eventually call me Azie.
Before I proceed with more stories or whatever things going on around me. I would like to tell you a few things about me..

I was born on March 31th, 1992 in Tan and Tan specialist, Bukit Mertajam, a good day to be born as that make me an Aries. Although I don’t really believe in horoscope, Aries are supposed to be dominat, magnetic, extremly and headstrong. I was born early morning 7.31 a.m and it was an easy delivery. I weighed barely 3.2kg. I am the fourth child in a family of five siblings. The first three are just a year appart from each other. I was a school debate team, drama team, and speech. I won The Quality Youth of National Aspirations, and i also a handball and softball player when i was in school, represented Penang in Handball and was also a school Hokkey player. I am a right-brain person. Meaning, I am an imaginative person.logical thinking, facts and rules better than my left-brain functions. I am not a digit person, . Ask me to draw… done! you give me a Math Problem, for sure you wont get the answer haha 😀 Well, for the next few years I will be a full-time Interior Design. Life will be chaotic.. Work alone is madness, haha, I’m only human.. make mistakes and learn from it! My favourite colour is hot/soft pink!! Feminine, and RED.Obsessed in Roses, shoes and watches, I talk a lot. Sometimes more than my family and friends :D,I want more Moneyy *wink wink* $$ ..Being a Interior Design is cool but being a Milionare is AWESOME!!

Ya ALLAH.. Thank You for blessing me your greatest Love. I Love You so much, I Love my Father & my Mother, I Love my Family, I Love my Friends & I Love Evvveryone in the whole wide world. I am Blessed….. Alhmdulillah ♥


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